Clear Eyes! Full Hearts!

Praise God for a wonderful fall retreat. The Lord showed up and encountered many of us. We will never forget the importance of worship, prayer, and mission. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose…..

Join us this weekend as RCF hosts our annual Fall Retreat of 2011!  Come out for a blessed weekend of worship, preaching, prayer, and fellowship.  In order to see and know Christ, we must have clear eyes– to see His truth.  In order to love Christ, we must have full hearts– of love, passion, and affection for Him. Let’s learn what it means to have a balanced spiritual life.  He will surely meet us there!

RCF Fall Retreat 2011
Fri, September 30 – Sat, October 1
“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts…”
The Balanced Spiritual Life
Rev. Jong Park
Location: DCCS @ Devon

Registration – $20 flat rate – Register this week in community groups!

Penn- 5:45pm @ 39th and Spruce (bus)
USP- 5:45pm @ front of library (bus)
Temple- 5:30pm @ Bell Tower (van)
Haverford- 6:15pm @ Student Center
Bryn Mawr- 6:20pm @ Pem Arch
Villanova- 6:25pm @ Bartley
1. TO BRING: Bible, pen, toiletries, sleeping bag/blanket, warm clothes
2. TO EAT dinner BEFORE going to retreat — snacks will be provided, but not Friday dinner
3. Will get back Saturday @ 11PM.
4. No regular Large Group Friday.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God – Matthew 5:8

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