Large Group/ Freshman Dinner

Large Group (10/26)

RCF Large Group this Friday at 7:30 pm at Claudia Cohen Hall on Penn campus

This Friday, we’ll be continuing our sermon series through 1 John. (1 John 2:18-27; 4:1-6). The message will be entitled, “Warnings Against Antichrists and False Teachings.” It’s a bit of a tricky message, but it’s so important for us as Christians, who live in the times that we live in, to guard our hearts against all sorts of heresies and ungodly teachings – which are just as rampant today as they were during John’s day. We’ll look at what this passage has to say about it, and what encouragements we can gain.

Freshmen Dinner (10/27)

Our annual RCF Freshman Dinner will be Saturday, October 27 at Renewal Church!

This is an awesome opportunity to meet all of the different freshman from all the different campuses and bond with your class! Come out for great fellowship, FREE YUMMY FOOD, and to prepare for Fresh Produce (Freshman Talent Show)!


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